Examination of industrial safety

Examination of industrial safety

NGO “OrgNefteGaz” LLC carries out examination of project documentation of industrial safety in the expansion, modernization, conservation and liquidation of hazardous production facilities; technical devices used at hazardous production facilities; buildings and structures at hazardous production facilities; other documents related to the operation of hazardous production facilities, related to the following types of supervision:

Supervision of explosive, chemically hazardous objects and objects of special chemicals.
Supervision of objects of petrochemical and refining industries.
Supervision of objects of oil and gas and the main pipeline transport.
Supervision of gas distribution and gas consumption.
Supervision of the lifting facilities.
Supervision of equipment operating under pressure, thermal plants and networks.
Reason: License rostekhnadzor number DE-00-010116 from 15.05.2009g.

Industrial safety examination carried out according to the Federal Law № 116-FZ “On industrial safety of hazardous production facilities” and evaluates the compliance of the object of examination requirements of the industrial safety requirements

Federal executive authority and a specially authorized body in the field of industrial safety is the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision (Rostekhnadzor).

“Examination of industrial safety is carried out organizations that have a license to conduct this examination, at the expense of the organization, involving the operation of hazardous production facilities or operating it” (Federal Law 116-FZ of 21.07.1997).

Head of Department: Tyazhelnikov Evgeny V.